Neighbourhood Plan Agendas and Minutes

Closed meetings:

Minutes   June 2015 

Agenda   September 2015 
Minutes   September 2015

Agenda   July 2015
Minutes   July 2015

Agenda   December 2015
Minutes   December 2015 

Open meetings:  

Minutes   Call for Sites open meeting May 2015 

Agenda   March 2015 
Minutes   March 2015

Agenda   February 2015
Minutes   February 2015

Agenda   January 2015 (1st meeting) 
Minutes   January 2015 (1st meeting)

Minutes   January 2015 (open call for sites meeting)

Agenda   December 2014
Minutes   December 2014

Agenda   November 2014
Minutes   November 2014
   November 2014 ('visioning' meeting)

Agenda   October 2014 
Minutes   October 2014

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